Pink Monkey Dancer



For a Gentleman's club in the Chicago-land area I Like Diamonds! I hate going to A gentleman's club and either not seeing what I came for because of they serve booze or seeing everything and no Booze. Not here! It is BYOB and has Full nudity! I bring my two Bottles of Grey Goose and they serve the Juices and sodas. They have quality girls too. The place is not run down and shabby it's clean and wide open. My girl and I both agree that Scottsdale and Vegas have, by far, the best looking women and atmospheres but we do think Diamonds isn't bad. If the mood hits you and you want to go to a decent gentleman's club try Diamonds. Only problem is, It's a trip unless you live in the western suburbs!


Went here with a couple of guys from my fraternity. Diamonds Gentleman's Club is a good place to have fun with a group of friends. It seems like your run-of-the-mill strip club with nice people. Diamonds does allow people who are underage to enter, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Entrance fee is $20 plus valet parking. Lap dances are $20 plus tip, for two girls it's $50 and make sure to bring an extra pair of boxers if it's your birthday - the girls may give you a major wedgie if you're not careful.


Free pass to the grand opening of the new Diamonds